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AnyPage is a unique system that allows automate the process of creating a landing pages simpler than ever, non-recurring cost and affordable.

Page creation process is very simple. After a short registration choose an image / design for the landing page, upload it from your computer, place the form in the right position and ... that's it, you have a new landing page with all the functionality you need.

Without the need to purchase a domain or storage servers.
All in one place and one time, cost only 50 NIS for six months of activity.

Start Creating your own professional and smart landing page using Any Page.


The system allows:

  • Creating adjusted Landing Pages to desktop and tablet.
  • Create adjusted landing pages to smartphones.
  • Implementing codes to create professional campaigns.
    • Conversion Code.
    • Remarketing Code.
    • Analytics Code.
  • Add "Click To Call" button on to the page (smartphones only).
  • View all recorded leads.
  • Download all leads into excel file system.
  • Texts (title and description) to help with SEO on Google.
  • Statistics on how many people visited, conversion rates and more .... (coming soon)
  • Connecting lead management systems (coming soon)
  • The system allows you to connect your domain name (coming soon)